Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Might be back.  Might not.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glissading at Lassen Volcanic National Park

I'm going to try to share some vacation photos but they'll be in a very random order since I know I'll not ever organize them! Today's photos are from after we hiked Bumpass Hell Trail at Lassen Volcanic National Park. On the drive "home" we stopped to play for a bit.
I went first as a trial. There was a 20' drop off at the end with boulders and a fast moving road at the bottom. I just wanted to be sure stopping was manageable.
Logan liked to ride on his feet.
Avery was nervous about the speed and distance so she went on my back.
This was more Avery's speed after all!
This was one of our best active days on vacation. The hike was snowy and everyone walked there and the little girls napped on our backs on the way out. The fact that there were warning signs about how dangerous the trail was helped to keep Logan and Avery's motivation high. It was snowy and slippery and muddy but also 75F and sunny. Once we got to the main event (the mudpots and active thermal areas) the kids could have cared less. Plus we had run out of food and they just wanted to get back.
The glissading was really exciting. The perfect grade and distance to get up enough, but not too much, speed. It was the only day of the entire trip that our rain gear got used.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing Catch-up

We've rode away from school for the summer.

We celebrated birthdays.

Graduated from 3 year old preschool.

We celebrated another birthday.

Finished 2nd grade.

Ended a soccer career.

Made Bee Hotels with SVT.

Went on his first overnight trip with school.

We've also been fighting with raccoons smarter than us and the chickens, searching online for hours for car rentals and open flights to SFO that don't require a 12 hour sit in DFW. We've been swimming at the lake, fishing, and eating too much ice cream at our dairy. Heather has been swimming with people from Boston Tri Team, running with people from Triumph and generally getting her ass politely handed to her on a platter. Cathy heads to DFW for training and has one last trip before we leave.

Logan thinks our house is a hotel but does come home most nights for at least 7 hours sleep. Avery's pals (aka "the giggle girls" according to multiple teachers at school) are all left or are leaving for the rest of the summer in the next week, so she is getting in as much time with them as possible. Not surprisingly the 4 "giggle girls" have been split into two classes next year. At some point my children need to friend other children who do not have second (or third!) homes.

We have one week to pack everything we need for 43 days of camping in 62" bags not weighing more than 50lb, clean the house enough that things don't mold while we are gone (I never claimed to be a good housekeeper!), clean out the fridge and instruct the chicken sitter in all the new things needing to be done to keep them out of the raccoons grasp.

Then I'll be ready for a vacation.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Race Report- 1M OWS

Swimming is weird. It never gets really painful like running or cycling. And even though you are surrounded by black-suited bodies you are very much alone. Even while someone is swimming half up your body and you elbow the guy next to you. Very much alone. And I like that.

I can easily imagine doing a 3M OWS. I'm not sure I can fully comprehend the 55F temps I'll encounter next month. 70F felt cold today.

28.16, 36th overall, 7th age group. I'll get total number of swimmers OA and AG but in the meantime I would guess 289OA, 77AG.

Next race is THE race. Well until the other race. The fun ones in the middle don't count.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

No More Teacher's Dirty Looks!

End of School Time=Hell

9.5 more days of school
15 birthday parties (and counting...)
1 birthday party for two of my kids.. please have decent weather
2 more field trips
1 more talent show
1 soccer game
4 end of the year class parties
2 books to type out for 2nd grade
1 field day
1 art show (for all 4 kids)
1 more day in the photocopy room
unknown gifts needed for-classroom teachers (6), specialists (8), admin staff, the janitor, the bus driver, the classroom aides (while not assigned to my kids I think they help everyone) and the school secretary, who is also a neighbor who drives Logan to school most days.

During that time I'm scheduled-
to run 47 miles
swim 4 times (Walden twice and Lake Boon twice)
plus I'd like shower on a few occasions and possibly sit down while I eat.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Scouts

I think she had fun on her first "camping" trip.

This jumping rock provided hours of entertainment for my troop, much to the dismay of the other troop leaders who wouldn't let their kids climb on it (or pick up sticks, or run!)

Personally, after a year of being a troop leader GS programs are slowly growing on me. Now if I could just get past their oath, their promise and their extreme fears of legal action I'd be jumping in with two feet like Avery.