Saturday, July 31, 2010

Robert Vacation Photos

These are out of order but I wanted to let Kathie and Gill see them and let Robert share what he was doing. If I wait to organize them it will never happen. Robert was tentative at first with the actual climbing, but seemed comfortable right away with the gear. As he went along the climbing came more naturally for him.

This looked easy, but you had to re-clip multiple times. This is where Avery quit. She climbed comfortably but couldn't handle the gear very well.

He did every course available for people under 16. He finished in about 2.5 hours and then went back and did a beginner course again.

I think he is on the 3rd level here, with one or two levels above him.

Oops. One of Avery.

This was near the beginning.

"Training." About 4 minutes of instruction.

Elevator photo! :)

Robert's first zip line run.

Robert was great to have with us, even if he did make my kids look bad, what with his good behavior and all.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


In 2006 we bought sparklers in Millinocket. We've been having fun with them ever since. New Year's Eve. 4th of July. Random nights after dinner.

" No, don't let that be the last one."

She was cautious at first, but quickly got the hang of it.
And, why, yes. She is wearing only underwear. It was dark. Get over it!

Avery was always tenative and never got the hang of it.

Meryl has been on my lap while I post this and is quite confused. She had a fever for one day and was sleeping while we had fun. "No party me? Where me? Me no sleep again." Bedtime should be fun tonight!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It seems I can never find a water bottle when I am ready to head out and need water and a snack packed. I know the kids are pretty bad about bringing things in from the car. Actually, I'm pretty bad about bringing things in from the car. But today, I discovered the real reason:

In Avery's room. Roll up the rug, grab a variety of balls, a variety of bottles and you are good to go. Who needs summer camp?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Lion is Hungry

Baby lion was very hungry.
Meryl is starting to understand that she can't play in the yard naked. So she covered up and gave him a nice meal.
I never actually said she had to have clothes. I only said she couldn't go naked! Smart kid, huh?