Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I listened to this show yesterday and found it very interesting. Cathy and I (well, me really) have struggled with how to celebrate the major christian holidays in a way that feels comfortable to me spiritually and socially. After listening to Greg Epstein it appears that I can wish you all a Merry Christmas without being a hypocrite. And I do wish everyone a day of family, friends, gifting, enjoying good food, and feelings of warmth and wellness during these dark days.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A bathroom in every room.

The reason most people don't encourage potty learning in the winter is because of clothes. That isn't an issue in our house because they are so rarely fully dressed. But man, getting them to use the bathroom, then get dressed, then put on snowsuits, mitten, hats, boots, etc only to get outside to hear "I peeing" is so frustrating.

They don't want to wear diapers so I have to try to plan our day around enough bathroom stops. However, several times a week I have to take them out of their beds asleep and put them in the car. Then they are stuck in the car for about 35-40 minutes while I pick up the older kids and drive to their afternoon activities. Then it is too late and we have a puddle. In the car seat (where it freezes) or the waiting room at gymnastics or some other not so ideal place like the grocery store entrance.

But they are doing great, expect when they are not. They've never had an accident at school, so that is good. And by summer, they'll be experts.

Oops, I hear "I pee on rug. On rug I pee." sigh..............

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice. Today we celebrate both the rebirth of the sun and the babies' half birthday. Winter was shown the way by a lovely snow. Yesterday was spent on snowy adventures- snowboarding on our ramp, failed attempts at x-c skiing (wrong type of snow), snowshoeing and building forts.
Then we warmed in the house and decorated the tree, made solstice cookies and played with glitter and glue.
Avery, through a haze of falling snow. Just for the record, she has a sheer summer dress on under the snowsuit. "Because it is so pretty!" Life with her as a teenager is going to be a challenge.

Finley was fearful of falling. Our new driveway produces the most lovely black ice. She crawled most of the day to be safe.

Meryl, who just takes it all in stride.

This morning I discovered just how competent and independent my two youngest can be. When I was upstairs helping Avery with her braids (now worn daily to keep the lice away! It is out of control in her school.) they got the paints, took off their clothes and got in the tub to start painting! I'm fine with this, but not in the middle of the morning rush.

What I found.

What it turns into.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still Here

Busy with not terribly important things.
We made some sugar cookies.

The kids worked pretty well together. Logan and Avery have become more competent at rolling out the dough.

Meryl did not eat any.

Truly. Not one bite went in her mouth!

We bought packaged gingerbread houses again. More fun with no work. Avery had a new friend over after school this week. I gave them the box and went away to entertain the babies. Two six year olds had a blast, consumed way too much sugar, and had something to display at the end. I spent my evening chipping away at the dried up frosting on the table. I figure now we have a good excuse for inviting this kid (who Avery thinks is just the bee's knees, and now I agree) back again during school vacation. To eat it!