Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still Here

Busy with not terribly important things.
We made some sugar cookies.

The kids worked pretty well together. Logan and Avery have become more competent at rolling out the dough.

Meryl did not eat any.

Truly. Not one bite went in her mouth!

We bought packaged gingerbread houses again. More fun with no work. Avery had a new friend over after school this week. I gave them the box and went away to entertain the babies. Two six year olds had a blast, consumed way too much sugar, and had something to display at the end. I spent my evening chipping away at the dried up frosting on the table. I figure now we have a good excuse for inviting this kid (who Avery thinks is just the bee's knees, and now I agree) back again during school vacation. To eat it!

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