Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I listened to this show yesterday and found it very interesting. Cathy and I (well, me really) have struggled with how to celebrate the major christian holidays in a way that feels comfortable to me spiritually and socially. After listening to Greg Epstein it appears that I can wish you all a Merry Christmas without being a hypocrite. And I do wish everyone a day of family, friends, gifting, enjoying good food, and feelings of warmth and wellness during these dark days.


Anonymous said...

And who are we to argue with Greg Epstein?


Uncle Larry said...

Well of course you can wish everyone a Merry Christmas ,solstice,Kwanzza or whatever. It's like seeing someone you don't particularly like,you just smile and say "Nice to see you ". This social convention saves a lot of discussion and bother. Also Heather I didn't comment on your previous post since I couldn't relate to the situation.

Uncle Larry said...

Heather,is the winter scene IN your house? It looks great ! UL (the toy guy )