Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing Catch-up

We've rode away from school for the summer.

We celebrated birthdays.

Graduated from 3 year old preschool.

We celebrated another birthday.

Finished 2nd grade.

Ended a soccer career.

Made Bee Hotels with SVT.

Went on his first overnight trip with school.

We've also been fighting with raccoons smarter than us and the chickens, searching online for hours for car rentals and open flights to SFO that don't require a 12 hour sit in DFW. We've been swimming at the lake, fishing, and eating too much ice cream at our dairy. Heather has been swimming with people from Boston Tri Team, running with people from Triumph and generally getting her ass politely handed to her on a platter. Cathy heads to DFW for training and has one last trip before we leave.

Logan thinks our house is a hotel but does come home most nights for at least 7 hours sleep. Avery's pals (aka "the giggle girls" according to multiple teachers at school) are all left or are leaving for the rest of the summer in the next week, so she is getting in as much time with them as possible. Not surprisingly the 4 "giggle girls" have been split into two classes next year. At some point my children need to friend other children who do not have second (or third!) homes.

We have one week to pack everything we need for 43 days of camping in 62" bags not weighing more than 50lb, clean the house enough that things don't mold while we are gone (I never claimed to be a good housekeeper!), clean out the fridge and instruct the chicken sitter in all the new things needing to be done to keep them out of the raccoons grasp.

Then I'll be ready for a vacation.