Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jealous Much?

Look what I'm getting for Christmas. (Repeat three times in a sing-song voice!)

First- Cathy is getting the fridge of her choice, not the one I'd prefer. And with the cost difference I am getting this!

Then on Saturday I am picking up this. That first egg is going to be very expensive!

They say things don't bring happiness. They lie. I can't wait to toss the old mildewy bike trailer. Only now I need a new shed to keep this in!

eta- Of course the fridge is being delivered and installed with the old one being hauled away. This is NE. They know no one would pay for such a thing so it is worked into the cost of the fridge!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest Blogger- Fairy Houses by Logan

This post is brought to you by Logan. He built the fairy houses and took the photos. His teacher is concerned by his lack of keyboarding skills so this gives him a chance to practice. Of course I had intentionally kept him away from a keyboard so his handwriting would be better.

I made a litel (long) bridg that conected from a biger

this is a close up of the house above.
I made this fairy house on the top of bloe hills

this is the mane house.

this is a close up of the mane house.

Dining room

This is a plase to sit.

Mane house.

I think of this as a old wizards house.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snowy Hike

Waiting for the babies, who wanted to walk. Logan and Avery were quite patient.
At the top.

Fairy Houses

Shadow play.

(At the bottom of the ski slope!)
The actual hiking was great. The top was fun, what with screaming inside the watch tower, building fairy houses and having a snack. Getting into the car to drive there? Driving there? Getting out of the car, to the bathroom, getting everyone on the trail awake, with shoes? Not so much fun. Sadly Havasu is still a few years away, even with a donkey!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Screen Time

I'll give you one guess as to what they are watching!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I've been had!

Finley and Meryl wear diapers. But we have potties floating around the house and they understand the general concept, I think. They also know that if they make a deposit they get a chocolate chip. But we haven't done any serious attempts at getting out of diapers and I don't have any current plans.

But for a few weeks now Finley has been bringing me a tiny bit of pee in the potty and asking for chips. Fine. Usually this is after dinner and before bath. And she often ends up peeing on the floor while she eats the chocolate. Whatever.....

Today she asked for the potty and then asked for a cup of water! "Like Lolo" (Lolo is her name for Logan) She pours the water in the potty and presents it to me for the chocolate.

I've been duped and can't wait to talk to "Lolo" about this scam of his!!

EDIT- PS- Logan insists that he gives her warm water to put her hand in. Although sometimes, if she is naked, he'll run the warm water down her back. I don't know, perhaps it is all legit.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Nap

Meryl decided not to nap today! Note the droopy eyes.

Instead she put her fisher price animals in alphabetical order (following the zoo map that has pictures) and played at the table with paper dolls. Then I found animal families lined up around troughs of food. 1 little zebra and 2 big ones at the basket of apples. Two hippos and a rhino at a bag of grain. Such grown up play! I need to find a way for the two little ones to play alone more often.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I guess I am supposed to post cute pictures of my kids in costume. Or the jack-o-lanterns glowing. Or the kids passed out in a sugar coma. Nope, not happening. I didn't get a single photo of Logan in costume.

But we had a full Halloween schedule. ToT in the commercal district the next town over. (Doesn't anyone make costumes anymore?) The neighborhood pots and pans parade to scare away the ghosts. (Doesn't anyone cook their own food anymore? Not a single homemade item on the food tables, unless you count chocolate covered marshmallows homemade! Ugh) The literacy night at school where you were supposed to dress as your favorite literary character. (3rd grade is too old to dress up?) And of course the regular ToT. Beautiful warm night, light off and on drizzle. 400 kids knocking on your door for candy. (Yes, our neighbors kept count but ran out of candy at 400.) Kids who didn't even put a hat on and call it a costume. Kids who knocked after every light in the house was out. Oh, and someone stole Logan's bag of candy after he finished ToTing.
Bah hum bug.... I am becoming such a scrooge.
Insert some witty segue here.

We've been missing the morning bus a lot recently. The bus used to come at 8:07ish, but the route changed and it now comes at about 8:25ish. We had never missed it until it started coming later. Go figure.

Sad kids waiting for me to drive them.

Picking nose kids waiting for me to drive them.

Waiting for me to drive them!