Friday, November 6, 2009

I've been had!

Finley and Meryl wear diapers. But we have potties floating around the house and they understand the general concept, I think. They also know that if they make a deposit they get a chocolate chip. But we haven't done any serious attempts at getting out of diapers and I don't have any current plans.

But for a few weeks now Finley has been bringing me a tiny bit of pee in the potty and asking for chips. Fine. Usually this is after dinner and before bath. And she often ends up peeing on the floor while she eats the chocolate. Whatever.....

Today she asked for the potty and then asked for a cup of water! "Like Lolo" (Lolo is her name for Logan) She pours the water in the potty and presents it to me for the chocolate.

I've been duped and can't wait to talk to "Lolo" about this scam of his!!

EDIT- PS- Logan insists that he gives her warm water to put her hand in. Although sometimes, if she is naked, he'll run the warm water down her back. I don't know, perhaps it is all legit.


Anonymous said...

Two thoughts:

1) We started giving Micah and Issac potty treats whenever Micah used the toilet. Isaac began encouraging Micah more than we did, it was great.

2) If a little subversion helps your kids cooperate and work together, maybe that's a good thing.


Gram & Gramps said...

What a nice big brother!