Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Nap

Meryl decided not to nap today! Note the droopy eyes.

Instead she put her fisher price animals in alphabetical order (following the zoo map that has pictures) and played at the table with paper dolls. Then I found animal families lined up around troughs of food. 1 little zebra and 2 big ones at the basket of apples. Two hippos and a rhino at a bag of grain. Such grown up play! I need to find a way for the two little ones to play alone more often.


miss jen said...

Are you sure you're ready for the moodiness that comes at dinnertime when there's no nap involved? If you do find a way for two little ones to play alone so the conflicts are less, let me know.

Uncle Larry said...

No problem H. stick them in a playpen with some wooden clothespins and cardboard boxes. My little brother and I played happily this way for many hours a day until we were about 6 yrs. old. It worked then! (comments ?)