Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest Blogger- Fairy Houses by Logan

This post is brought to you by Logan. He built the fairy houses and took the photos. His teacher is concerned by his lack of keyboarding skills so this gives him a chance to practice. Of course I had intentionally kept him away from a keyboard so his handwriting would be better.

I made a litel (long) bridg that conected from a biger

this is a close up of the house above.
I made this fairy house on the top of bloe hills

this is the mane house.

this is a close up of the mane house.

Dining room

This is a plase to sit.

Mane house.

I think of this as a old wizards house.


Anonymous said...

I say keyboarding, penmanship, and spelling are all overrated skills. Really important people just dictate all correspondence and let underlings worry about the details.


Uncle Larry said...

Keep up the good work Logan! It seems you have a nack for arkiteckture. Also I was a pore spellr in school , BUT look wear I am now. U.Lary

Gram & Gramps said...

Logan keep up the great building jobs....I love reading your blog. love ya Grammie