Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Proper

Christmas morning was just a regular morning in our house since Cathy was away. But we went to the cousin's house to celebrate with family in the afternoon. The next morning however,
we were greeted with this image upon waking. Logan was up very early and waited patiently for over an hour for Avery to awaken so we could check out what was lurking behind all that colored paper. Notice the lovely display on the mantel. It is our display of broken ornaments. Someday we'll have greenery and candles, but not for some time I fear!
Avery upon waking.
Logan and Finley playing that morning. Our family gift was flood lights for the yard so that the kids can play outside more easily after dark. With Logan in school all day we struggle with the darkness coming so soon. Now we have portable lights so they can sled, use the trampoline, play basketball, etc with some light. We'll keep it dark sometimes since that can be fun, but now we (oops, I mean they) can play safely too.

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