Monday, August 11, 2008


While we were busy watching the hail come down-

we somehow managed to miss the fact that water was pouring into the basement! I listened for our sump pump but it wasn't going, so I didn't worry. Then I went downstairs and found about 8" of water. It came in through the door that only has a lip of about 5". The kids thought it was a grand adventure being able to use pails to scoop the water and pour it into larger buckets that we brought outside.

We were quite lucky and had minimal damage, other than sore backs and newly cleaned basement floors. A small section of carpet got wet but we've got the dehumidifier on it going full force.

Our backyard was fully flooded right up to the deck stairs. Giant plastic pieces of climbing structures, slides, ride on toys, etc floating around the yard wily nily. I couldn't get photos in the dark but this is a video from 12 hours after the storm passed.

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