Friday, February 6, 2009

Sibling Relationships

The babies (Be quiet! They are so still babies!) have interesting relationships with their siblings. Logan and Meryl clearly have a connection. Meryl is very open with her affection. She squeals when she sees Cathy coming home from a trip. We sing "Where oh where is the big yellow school bus" while we wait for Logan and Avery to come home from school and the excitement builds for her. Meryl and Logan almost always partner up when we pair a big kid with a little kid.

Logan and Finley at his lego table

But recently Finley and Logan have been sharing their love for legos. And I've been catching them lying in the big bed reading books together. She can now climb up to his loft bed unassisted. And today I found Finley wearing this sticker.

"best cutaler aword" aka "Best Cuddler Award"
with two intertwined smiley faces

I don't always take the time to notice how the kids are with one another other than to holler a "knock it off," "stop pulling her hair" or "Don't sit on her head." It is fun to see that they'll all have different memories of this life of ours. And I wonder how I was with my siblings. I was always envious of Kathie's (my older sister) relationship with Ben (my younger brother by 10 years). I found him to be nothing but a pest while she seemed to take pleasure in his existence. Where will Avery fall in all of this? Will Finley and Meryl be friends as adults? Will Avery and Logan? Who will clean out our house when Cathy and I die?

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Gram & Gramps said...

What a great bunch of kids. Looks like they are enjoying the extra space now