Thursday, September 10, 2009

One step forward, two steps back!

This is what I get for trying to use the bathroom alone. 30 seconds can be a long time!

They make messes faster than I can clean them up. I'm not sure if they are out of control, just two years old, or if it is because there are two of them. Everything feels like a challenge.

Take story hour. We leave with plenty of time to spare. Fight one kid into a car seat while hoping the other stays in the yard and doesn't head out into the street. Get to the library. They can't hurt each other in the car because they are in different rows. Hey- I'm not totally stupid! Get into a parking spot. Unstrap two kids but (attempt to) keep them in car until I have the book bag (with diapers) ready. Open door, if they haven't already. Hold hands. Try to hold hands. Carry the cooperative one while chasing the other. Whew. At the sidewalk. Get them going in the right direction. Flowers are for our eyes and nose, not our hands. Don't touch. Don't pick. Just smell and look. Don't touch the frickin' flower!!!!! Leave the dog poop alone. Yes it is very interesting. Yes, he did eat red string but we still aren't going to touch it. Dog poop is for our eyes and nose only. Not for touching. Don't pick it up. Don't touch the damn poop!!!! When these girls finally learn to talk they'll be able to put any sailor to shame.

At the library door. Another hurdle crossed. Now to get through the adult section and into the children's area. Now to get both girls into the story hour room at the same time! Quick close the door and get the show on the road. And that is just 20 minutes of the morning. The rest of the day is just as dull and frustrating.


Anonymous said...

I vote for a couple leashes--I mean harnesses.

Gram & Gramps said...

Kathie has a very good idea