Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unedited and Uncensored- by Logan

I have more than 50 erasers. They can com apart and go back togather. Most people in my class have around 10 or 20 and thay want alot to. this week I bought 30 more some are erasers that are new from the website and some are not.


Gram & Gramps said...

buHey Logan, you sure have a great collection. I remember seeing yours before you had 50 plus. They are a fun thing to collect. Next time I am at your house be sure to show all of them to me. Maybe you could bring them when we go to Newport in Feb?

miss jen said...

I have heard a little about these erasers. Do you just collect them or is there a kind of game you can play with them? Do you have to earn your own money to get the ones you want?

miss jen said...
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Uncle Larry said...

Aloha Logan, "Hapa" in Hawaii means half,mixed or portion so I see where their name "Hapa Culture" comes from. Also tell you Mom to get corn seeds from DeKalb, they are raised on a big corn farm here on Maui.

Heather said...

Monsanto and DeKalb are good buddies. DeKalb promotes the Monsanto Performance in their advertising. Right now corn is the only gm grain on the market.

The more you look the scarier it is. Maybe I'll just go settle down with some oreos and a diet coke and read some fluffy fiction for a while.