Sunday, June 6, 2010


Why has it been a month since I updated here?

Why do my kids play so nicely when I want them to be heading to bed? Or out the door?

Why do I continue to eat the leftovers on plates? It is just as wasteful on my hips as in the trash.

Why are chickens so much easier to care for than mice? Mice infest houses without our assistance but I can't keep them alive as pets. When was the last time you had a chicken in your wall? Our are healthy and happy and very little effort.

Why is a runway still closed at JFK? Why does ORD have to be so far away?

Why does my child pick the cello? It isn't allowed on the bus. Doesn't the viola sound lovely?

Why do the chipmunks love my strawberries so?

Why don't my toddlers use the toilet more regularly? My house smells.

Why do we get middle aged bodies without middle aged wisdom?

8 full and 2 half days left 'til summer break. 74 days of summer break! Many more whys during that time I'm sure!

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Uncle Larry said...

It is what it is.- Laozi
I am what I am.- Popeye