Monday, November 22, 2010

End of a Season

Avery's soccer season has come to a close. It was our most successful organized sport thus far. It was fun to watch her run and smile with abandon. No self-consciousness, just a focus on the job that needed to be done. But then she'd break into a skip during a lull in the action. Avery doesn't smile like this all the time.
The right time and place for aggression.

Battling the same kid, who also happens to be a friend.

Her coach was amazing. Personal emails after every game telling us how awesome Avery is! Very intense but enthusiastic and positive. I think maybe every parent got a personal email in addition to the group email!

Finley and Meryl enjoying the final game! The slept through the entire thing.

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Uncle Larry said...

So good to see her enjoying a wholesome sport.