Friday, January 14, 2011

To do list

Perhaps I need to
1. Teach my children to shut the car door and
2. Clean out the car.
Then this might not happen. It kinda stinks to be driving to school and hear your 3 year old say "I smell chicken poop." Pun intended.


miss jen said...

Your series of photos was too funny! I expected you to brag about your chicken riding in the car, like a dog. Then it wasn't! My sister used to take a favorite chicken on walks in her doll stroller, so a car-riding chicken wouldn't have been too hard to imagine.

Uncle Larry said...

Why did the chicken get in the car ? Why to cross the road , of course !! Duh !!

Amber @HomeschoolingVoyage said...

Oh my goodness, this series of photos is priceless! I love it. How funny.