Friday, March 18, 2011

My Day

I crawl out of bed not being able to open my eyes or breathe freely thanks to my mild but irritating head cold. Gotta get ready for Avery's birthday party today! Yee-haw!

Breakfast for 5. Brush 5 sets of teeth, comb 4 heads and put pony tails in all of them. Tie 3 sets of shoes. Get 4 kids to school on time! At school I talk to the secretary (more money for Avery's lunch account), the principal (pajama day again?), pto president (yes, I'll help harass the town about recycling), the school nurse (tick time) and the classroom teacher (Have fun!).

Off to the Natick library for "The Suite Life on Deck" for the mock-sleepover. They don't open till 10. Off to the fabric store for new waistband for Meryl's skirt. They don't open until 10. Wait. Make my $.39 purchase at the fabric store and head back to the library. Call the pedi about Logan's once again swollen knuckles. Get a noon appointment. Pick up girls and Logan from school. Teacher says Finley's ear has been bothering her.

Pediatricians with the kids. Logan needs to see a specialist. TODAY. Finley has an ear infection. Cathy gets the little girls while I take Logan to the specialist. I get lost. We are late. We wait. Did I mention the "Specialist" is a dermatologist? This "specialist" thinks we should see a rheumatologist TODAY. Huh? This is swollen knuckles that have been going on for 8 months. Not an emergency in my opinion. We do, however, have time to stop at dairy queen! First ice cream of the summer! But we eat it in the car. Hey- I've got eight 8 year old girls heading to my house. Drop Logan at school for the last half-hour. He needed to get his basketball for the weekend, not any books mind you.

Head home. Frantically clean and set up the scavenger hunt, Oreo pinata, laser games, etc. The bus arrives with a gaggle of chaos. 4 hour party goes great. Not a single hitch. Well, I spent $100 on Chinese take out and pizza. Most of the girls then requested plain pasta with butter. I could have save $98.71 and just bought a box of farfalle. Who knew?

Parents pick up their kids and it is at this point that I notice-

I am wearing two different shoes!

My shoes don't match. They didn't match all day. And how many people did I talk to? Sigh...... I did throw one mad crazy eight year old party though.


Susan said...

You should add this one to your "classics" list. Sounds like a crazy one!!!! Happy Birthday to Avery. Hope Logan is on the mend- and I hope you can BREATHE better soon. Thinking of you.

miss jen said...

After all that (BTW, I'm exhausted after reading about your day), you had enough energy to sit down & tell us about your day! What a SUPER, supermom you are! Enjoy these days though, you will miss them when they have left your nest!

Uncle Larry said...

Well,consider this day as endurance practice for Alcatraz ! A "gaggle of chaos" I love it, Heather. UL.