Sunday, May 15, 2011

13.1 Race Report in which I make excuses, blame other people and generally bitch and moan

Sigh....Where to begin?

Perhaps a pre-race day dinner of take out mexican and far too much watermelon wasn't ideal. It seemed salty so I didn't take my daily dose of 2T of salt (which thanks to my cardiologist's suggestion has almost fully eliminated my light-headedness and passing out at inopportune times by raising my blood pressure to a more normal level.) But my belly revolted a bit and I wasn't properly salted. One the positive side there were porta johns and real bathrooms all along this route since it was in tourist area.

Perhaps with the fact that every kid seems to be having more than normal amounts of bad dreams which necessitates me sitting by their bed during the night. So I was, as normal, tired.

I won't tell you too much about the yeast infection I realized I had too late pre-race day night to treat. Bleech.. scratch, scratch....

The weather was overcast, 70% chance of rain, but a comfortable 57F. It didn't actually rain but I heard thunder from about miles 5-8. It poured on the drive home.

So that is the background information.

Now to blame people. (everyone except myself of course!)

*My parents didn't give me beauty, brains or athleticism.

*Avery broke a glass, didn't tell me, and I had a sliver of glass in my big toe that required a fair bit of digging to get out. That cut blistered up.

*All my children share some responsibility for the state of my saggy boobs, but I mostly blame Meryl and Finley for the bloody raw spots under my bra. (My breasts have served me and my children well during the past 11 years. Now could they please go back to what they were like when I was 25!)

*Cathy for having a work schedule that doesn't give me regular times to run.

*I'm sure there are other people to blame whom I've missed. Don't worry I hold you accountable for my pathetic time too!

Random info-
*I was 10 minutes off my goal time. But my goal time was just something I pulled out of my ass, since I've done no prep for this race.
*I ran past a runner getting CPR at the 10 mile mark. I hope she is still living.
*My feet hurt and I'm going to try running barefoot more, which has been working well for me.
*I think my next half will be July 31 at Mammoth Lakes, CA. Since I do oh so well on those hills!

Things I've learned-
*I shouldn't use an ipod on race days. I can't hear myself talking to me.
*Don't drink the post race beer on an empty belly. Wait till you get home. But even then be careful of the post race beers. I think my metabolism was much faster than normal.
*Maybe my physical and mental fitness will never be where I want them to.

Blogging while beer is flying through one's metabolism may not be ideal either!


miss jen said...

Yeah! Congratulations on running & finishing the race! I'm sorry so many things irritated you before, during & after the race. Thank goodness I was spared in your list of people/things to complain about. You are awesome.

Uncle Larry said...

Heather, I second Miss Jen. How about 10 K's they're much more civilized.

Grammie said...

I also second Jen. Dad and I did give you a lot but just not the things you needed this day...sorry. We are proud of ALL you do so well.

B. Rule said...

Any one of those things would have been enough to keep me home.

At least you have four good excuses for saggy boobs, all I have to blame is my wife's delicious cooking.