Saturday, June 25, 2011

Race Report- 1M OWS

Swimming is weird. It never gets really painful like running or cycling. And even though you are surrounded by black-suited bodies you are very much alone. Even while someone is swimming half up your body and you elbow the guy next to you. Very much alone. And I like that.

I can easily imagine doing a 3M OWS. I'm not sure I can fully comprehend the 55F temps I'll encounter next month. 70F felt cold today.

28.16, 36th overall, 7th age group. I'll get total number of swimmers OA and AG but in the meantime I would guess 289OA, 77AG.

Next race is THE race. Well until the other race. The fun ones in the middle don't count.


Uncle Larry said...

Try swimming off the coast of Maine
like at York Beach. That should give you an idea of 55 F. You're brave Heather. Hang in there.

Heather said...

So funny for me to go back and read this! Now a 6 mile OWS seems much more enjoyable than one mile.