Friday, January 18, 2008

Whiny Sleep Rant Part 1 of 472


Something has got to be done, but I really don't know what it is or how to go about it. Here is a standard night-

6:50 P- Finley nurses to sleep in about 4 minutes after a bath. Into the crib- plop.
7:112- Avery goes to sleep with all sweetness and "I love you infinity."
8:01- Logan gets swaddled (I mean goes into his sleeping bag) and spends exactly 17 seconds falling asleep.

Where's Meryl? On my back during all of this yawning, rubbing her eyes, etc.

8:02- Try to alternately nurse her to sleep and let her lie in her pnp so she can fall asleep alone. Both result in the same crying that soon turns to screaming.

9:09- My will is broken so I take her to bed with me. She nurses to sleep in 4 minutes but cannot be moved or we start the whole thing over.
9:10- Fall asleep in 4 seconds.
10:10- Replace Finley's pacifier after she wakes with a howl.
11:12- Avery needs some water and stuff for her lips.
11:58- Nurse Meryl for 8 minutes (must be done while lying in bed. She will not tolerate sitting up.)
12:38, 1:57- Repeat 11:58's activity
2:23- Both girls are awake. Don't even bother trying to nurse both lying down, even the Mongolian contortionists agree this is impossible. Sit up in bed nursing both. Finley has diaper failure. Change her and now both girls are wide awake.
3:42- Success! Both girls are asleep--- in my bed. Head to the couch to warm up a new spot. Brrrrr.
4:15- Not so long lived. Meryl needs a human pacifier.

5:37- GOOD MORNING! Get up with a bright shiny smile to start a lovely 4 day weekend with 4 kids who will want me to wait on them and meet their every need.

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