Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whiny Sleep rant * Part 2 of 472

The impact of parental sleep deprivation on a family? It is more than just a tired mom. For example-

Nutrition- Our whole family is eating poorly because I don't have the energy or "togetherness" to prep foods early in the day so ensure a quality evening meal. So pasta again. Or bagels, again.

Safety- Stopping at green lights? Draining that boiling pasta on the counter? Leaving the baby on the roof of the car? Been there, done that. (well, not the baby on the roof!) Short term memory loss is common.

Education- Logan's spelling words are a challenge for me. I've forgotten to go into his school for events even though we had talked about it at breakfast. And opportunities staring me in the face that I miss. "Is 3X4 a group of 3 four times or three groups of 4?" asks the boy child.

Pleasant Times- I am too short with all of the kids. Times that previously would have been light hearted and turned into hug fests are now chores. "Just do it because it needs to be done."

So am I building a valid argument to let the babies (well, Meryl) cry it out? And would it even work? Why do her needs take precedent over the needs of 5 other people? I know what I want the end result to be. (Four children who can sleep independently.) I'm just not sure how to get there now.


Susan said...

All I can say is that it really IS all temporary. You'll be OK. The kids will be OK. We've tried all sorts of sleep things to see what we're both comfortable and basically, they get used to whatever you teach them to do-- in some ways it might be a little easier to be consistent because you are the primary person doing it. I think that sometimes it takes just a few days of consistent enforcement to turn things around. Maybe some time when CS is home help deal with the sleep deprivation for a couple of nights in a row you can make a go of it. See you soon?

Uncle Larry said...

Aloha , Although you may be short a little on the shut eye , you still LOOK good which is the main thing , right ?? By the way who took the picture, Finley or Meryl ?? U. L.