Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New Stage

The "taking things off" stage has begun. Soon to be followed by the "taking things out" stage. Logan is 7 and has yet to pass through the 'putting things away" stage.


Uncle Larry said...

Logan will NEVER pass thru the putting things away stage. Trust me,I'm about 60(ish) and still never put things away ! Why should we ?? We might need it in the next 15 min. or 15 days,or whenever. It's as simple as that !!! It's a guy thing.
Keep up with the good report cards, Logan. Aloha U L

Heather said...

The sad thing is I understand that mentality and reasoning. We don't make beds in this house because then we'd just have to unmake them later. But, we have two kiddos who will pounce in exactly 1.5 seconds and eat whatever wasn't put away.

Stephanie S. said...

I'm trying to pass into the "put it away" phase, too.

I really do try!