Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Rumble Bed is Back

YeeHaw! The space is enormous when you've got a little body!
Yes, the girls do 'play' together, if you mean tear at hair, pull at eyelids and take things out of each others' hands.

My quest for a solid night's sleep was thwarted by the head cold with fever that struck everyone. And I mean each and every one of us had it. Logan went back to school today.

Meryl has been falling asleep independently when I tie her down so she can't move. General society calls it a car seat, but really folks, aren't I just tying her down?? She sleeps well in it since she has to stop moving for a minute. Last night she fell asleep in it at 8 pm, woke happily at 10 pm and put herself back to sleep for another 50 minutes. I'd call that a small success. Do they make car seats for 50 pounders?
Finely can fall asleep on her back (since it is like tying her down- she can't roll over, so she's stuck there.) But she can't stay asleep on her back so I roll her to her belly.

So anyway the rumble bed is back for the time being. Everyone loves to play on it and Finley is falling asleep on it as I type.

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