Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rediscovering Normal

But slowly. Very slowly. The house isn't done and I have finally realized it will never be fully done. Yes, the contractor will (PLEASE!) someday finish his punch list stuff and he will be out of our lives. But then we still need to hang blinds and shades and toilet paper holders and towel racks and places for the linens, etc. But in the meantime life goes on. Even if the toilet paper keeps getting toothpaste on it.

We did have some little friends over to play.
We've brought out more toys to play with. Meryl takes great care of her babies.
Finley really likes "pretty" things. Notice that her dog's dress matches her own. Maybe I'll finally have a kid who can match clothing!

Bonus points if you noticed that my children are in pajamas in every picture. And as I type this. And most every day. My standards really can't get much lower.

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Ruth & Charlie said...

Hey they are warm and comfortable and today when playing with them they also seemed very happy and what is wrong with PJ's?