Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take a Good Look

It will never again be this clean! We've started moving furniture in. We've gated off the fireplace room making it "baby free." Now we only have two unusable (is that a real word?) rooms left. The "back bedroom soon to be the futon room" and the "master bedroom which will really be where everyone sleeps room." In the meantime we still need some type of window coverings and I will not spend $600 each for roman shades for 7 windows. Maybe I'll just use newspaper and tape and save a few thousand!
We are off this afternoon to fly room 22 to Mexico. (Did you know Mexico city is the largest city in the world? That the air quality is worse than Beijing? I know so little about this world.) Cathy is the captain, I'm the first officer and there are 4 flight attendants. We have safety cards, individual snacks, even official AA napkins. Let's hope Cathy makes it home from Toronto in time. She is currently late by 14 hours. I'll post photos later.

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