Thursday, July 16, 2009

30 Minutes

It is going to be quiet around here. Logan complained that I get more than 30 minutes on the computer and that is *just* not* fair! If they only get 30 minutes of screen time (ds, tv, computer) a day then so should I. So I'm trying to do all my screen time in 30 minutes. I spent at least 20 minutes signing Logan up for his basketball league. I think it should come out of his minutes, not mine.

Yesterday our family learned a lot. 7 miles can be really long on the way home. Slugs have great mouth feel if you are Finley. Rabbit poop does not. The lego store doesn't have as large of a selection as toys r us. Logan ate 4 different fruits and two servings of vegetable in one day and lived to tell. Now he is all set for the month. Meryl was stung by a bee and I didn't believe her for about 20 minutes until we could see the sting and her finger swelled up. Hey, she uses the word bee for every insect! Sometimes the quiet, no-plans-days are the best.

I still want to show pictures from City Museum but that will have to wait. I want to check the weather forecast and the minutes are ticking.......

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