Friday, July 10, 2009

Lyme, again

I'm not sure what else I can do to prevent this. The girls even poke through one another's hair playing "tick check." This is Meryl's belly. She last had Lyme in April. Logan only has 6 more pills to take and I'm sure he will continue to complain each time. Maybe I'll buy that dang wii he wants and lock my kids up in the house until the first hearty frost. Until then, I'll keep supporting our local independent pharmacy!


Susan said...

Yikes! I guess I don't understand. "They" say that the tick has to be on you for 24 hours before Lyme can be transmitted-- but this is on the front of her tummy-- and I KNOW she takes her clothes of at least once a day. So, which is it-- it takes 24 hours, or not? I'm thinking NOT.

Heather said...

Susan- "They" do say it needs to be 24 hours. I guess the tick gets what it needs and then deposits something that contains the disease. BUT the bullseye (or donut) doesn't show up where the bite was, it can be anywhere on your body. The last time Meryl had Lyme she had 5 rings. Logan had two. Avery's got really bad (misdiagnosis because she also had an ear infection) to the point of lock jaw but we never saw a ring on her. I don't feel terribly concerned about long term problems when we catch it early but it is the times we miss it that I think about CFS and such. Hope things are settling in in the new house!