Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's All Good

We've been very, very busy. The park and rec concert series has been a hit for everyone. The lake is loved by everyone except Logan. He has a blast if there are enough kids to make up wiffle ball teams but doesn't have the confidence to play out deep in the water with them. I've started feeling confident enough to swim out to the rafts with both babies. I think I make the life guards nervous but I feel safe.
This summer has been so much easier and more enjoyable than last summer. The babies don't eat sand. When we are out and about they are mostly too busy to nurse. They can wander away from me, play, and then come back on their own. They make friends with other small people.
Today we saw the polar bear, which Meryl and Finley were really looking forward to.

Waking up full of excitement.

Here she is!

She is really an amazingly graceful swimmer. 25 years old and she's never been out of this pool. She lives alone since her mother died. The kids are amazed and thrilled. I feel a little sad.

Tomorrow we are packing up to head off to p-town for a week of camping. Logan insists there will be bathrooms everywhere in this town. (Took me awhile to figure out that logic. If you get it immediately you have the brain of an 8 year old boy.) It is Family Week but we haven't registered and I doubt we will. It might be nice to have more family families around though.
We have a whale watch planned, hope to get a permit for a beach fire, may attempt a drive in movie and Logan really, really, really wants to play mini-golf. I hope we don't get too much rain (Did it rain everyday in July?), that the mosquitoes are manageable and the babies sleep reasonably well. Keep my expectations low and all will be well!

Rock on!


Heather said...

The dates are off on the photos. I must have set the camera wrong earlier. We went on August 1.

Uncle Larry said...

Actually two comments in one. Is the polar bear at the lake where you go swimming with the twins ?? !! ??
Second comment is : Yo Logan ! great back up singing in the van. Maybe voice lessons next year. Hummmm ?