Monday, August 23, 2010

I Quit!

My garden is a failure. It started off well (doesn't it always?), but I have battled a groundhog/woodchuck and lost. My fencing is no match for him/her. An eaten butternut squash.

A row of soybeans chewed down. He doesn't touch the pods, just the leaves.
3 bites out of a cuke and then left to yellow and rot. Can't it just eat one damn cuke and not take one bite each out of 30?

Another poor squash.

When I left the rental plot I was pretty depressed and decided I would go home and pull up some potatoes as a pick me up. This is what I found at home.

A tomato plant that the day before had been full and lush and covered in almost ripe tomatoes. Now- stripped bare. Deer? Can Rabbits get that high? I don't know. And the potatoes? A little too close to the hose so the kids often "helped" me water them. Lots of large potato skins full of rotted, fully liquid potato. Sigh....
Clearly we don't *need* this food, but it is frustrating nevertheless. The kids are enjoying my neglect as I brood. This is how they would spend their lives if permitted.


Grammie said...

So sorry Heather!!!! You put in sooo much hard work. love Ya

miss jen said...

You'll be better prepared for next years garden! At least your garden produced things for animals to eat or bugs to destroy etc. I got a 1" cucumber!

B. Rule said...

Maybe in a few weeks you can find the varmint and enjoy some nice groundhog steaks. That way your vegetables won't have gone to waste.

Uncle Larry said...

Yup, with a little paprika and garlic fresh ground groundhog tastes just like chicken.