Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today I volunteered my time, energy and the contents of my stomach for these people. I doubt I will do this again, but I am still processing my experience of working the MPPU. The learning curve was quick and by my 4th or 5th bird I felt pretty good about my final product. As the day warmed and the odors increased I started to struggle. After bird 32 or so I lost my breakfast in the horse field. Not fun. I did get back on the line but then only pulled off another 7 or 8 birds before quitting. Photos show only the first birds going through. Imagine the blood, feathers, shit and viscera after 400 birds have gone through. Buckets of heads and feet, buckets of steaming livers, neck, gizzards and hearts. In the heat. I've showered and brushed and scrubbed my body but can still smell fresh, raw chicken.

I admitted my defeat to Jen and scrubbed up to leave only to hear her announce to "Finish your bird and we'll break for lunch. A lunch provided by Verrill Farm. Darn. So close to a lovely meal. But now, 6 hours later I'm still slightly nauseous. An experience I'm glad to have but I don't think I'll repeat.


miss jen said...

I thought you got the chickens for the eggs. Thanks for the "heads up" about your reaction & what I would see if I clicked on the link. I PASSED on that opportunity. Kudos to you for having the courage, though not the stomach, to even try such a thing.

B. Rule said...

I love the tag line on the mobile poultry processing unit home page: "An experience you are sure to remember for a lifetime." Indeed.

That's why I only interact with chickens in nugget and buffalo wing form.