Friday, February 25, 2011

Dog and Vanessa

Dog chose ribs and french fries. I cooked the ribs (my first time) and they came out looking fine and the kids ate them all, so I guess it worked. For dessert he asked for "big chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven" and again I was successful.

Vanessa (Avery's dog, who sometimes answers to the name Rivers) chose Wonton soup with ice cream cake. The soup was pretty lousy. Did you know "wonton" means "swallowing a cloud"? I did take photos but they are still on the camera and the camera is currently in Guilford.

Meanwhile, I am child free for another 15 hours during which time I am supposed to do the taxes or clean the house or do something useful. But I think netflix may be calling my name and then I plan to sleep for 12 hours. :)


Grammie said...

Good for you.

Uncle Larry said...

Soooo, whadaya do in your spare time ? Just wondering !