Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Day, By the Numbers

This is a breakdown of a weekend day from 6 am until 9 pm. Just a typical day.

Diapers Changed- 23
Diapers worn by Meryl- 9
Times Meryl fought wearing the diaper- 9
Babies Nursed- 23 (Well, really it is just the same two babies multiple times.)

Nails Clipped- 88
Number of Nails Meryl fought to have clipped-10
Teeth Brushed- 169
Heads of Hair brushed or combed- 0 (Hey- It's saturday!)

Loads of Laundry- 3, plus a load of diapers that made it through the washing but not the drying part yet.
Times I said
"with hot soapy water."- 7, we only left the house once all day.
"Don't touch her head."-16, but it felt like more
"Latch the door closed, please."- 7

Cookies made-31
Cookies eaten- 27, 17 by me
Books read- 17 plus chapters 18 and 19 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Logan finished the book today by listening to the rest on cd. I read 16 of the books, Logan read one to me. (Henry and Mudge)
Floors swept- 7, the dining room was swept 5 times.
Floors washed- 1, but it was half the living room and half the dining room
Flights of stairs I walked-26

Times I cursed- 1
Times Meryl would have cursed if she could- at least 12

Times I put someone in a highchair- 9
Times I cleaned someone up to take them out of the highchair- 7
(after dinner I just strip them and put them in the tub.)
Times I cleaned the floor under the highchairs- 4
Times I thought "There has got to be an easier way."- 4

Number of adults I spoke to in person- 1 (The librarian pointed to the restrooms for me.)
Seconds until I feel asleep- about 4

Now I'll do it again. And on Monday and Tuesday I will take full advantage of the fact that both Logan and Avery are in school for the same 5 hours!

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Natalie said...

And I thought I had it Bad! Geesh. I just count how many times I say no and stop that and please be quiet during the day. I think I have topped out at about 3 times a minute. Isaac is way into these weird growling noises and micah likes to scream like a girl. I have a migraine at the end of each day. So I guess what I am trying to say is I FEEL FOR YOU! Can't wait to be back there in 2 months.