Monday, March 17, 2008

The Normal Out-Laws

I have 8 sibling-in-laws. But I've really only thought of my partner's siblings/wives as in-laws. My siblings' spouses are, well, my sibling's spouses. So. The other day I was reading the blog of my brother's wife and she was blogging about her sister-in-law keeping track of the her day by the numbers. Wow! Just like I did. It took me a bit to realize it was me. After that slow-brain moment I was excited to realize someone thought we were normal. Woo Hoo! We'll skip over the fact she lives hundreds of miles away and really doesn't really know us.

See. Look how normal we are-
We play in the dishwasher,

and the fridge.
We wear silly hats.
And our babies only wear their superhero capes when there is a princess in distress somewhere.

Our family photos are taken in pajamas with the real baby in the doll stroller.
Our 8 month old enjoys plastic bags.
And we eat toilet paper together in the bathroom.

Sounds like a perfectly typical family to me. No?

Note-I was asked about the tri-mama wanna-be part of this whole thing. Still a wanna-be! I'll try to post what is going on, but sadly, it isn't much. It is too cold to put the babies in the jogger for too long so everything is based on Cathy being home to cover the homefront. Today is a 6 miler with an afternoon swim while Avery is at extended day. Tomorrow is a 6 am spin class with a bunch of 'real' trifolks. (2 pros, 1 really fit 50 year old guy, and a high schooler with two older sibs who are both pro-triathletes. Kid could whup all of us!) The 6am class sounded perfect, but it actually entails getting up before 5 to pump so the babes have something when they wake before I get home at 7:30. And it just reinforces how hard the past year has been on my body. First tri of the season is on Mother's Day and is a sprint sprint. 400y/9M/3.2M- odd distances, pool swim with 550 people, but fun to see everyone again after the winter.


Anonymous said...

heather you are truelly one of a kind love lots

Natalie said...

HAHAHAHA! Ok I concede.You win. At least for now. It looks like we will be renting that place in Wilmington. Ruth says that it has a beach on the Lake and a playground (with Bathrooms!) that is about a 1/2 mile from the house. Can't wait to get back there.