Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Week Of Firsts

The first time they kept holding hands while watching the birds in the morning.

The first time Meryl brushed her teeth.

The first time any child chose to be Prof. McGonagall rather than a student at Hogwarts.

The first time for Strawberries.

Meryl wasn't so impressed.

The first time we needed a gate to separate the playing children.

The first time Finley has spent much time up on hands and knees.

Which is exhausting work.

And the floor comes both quickly and hard!

The first time the little girls have worn bathing suits. Just checking the sizes. They still wear swim diapers when we go to the pool. And in case you were wondering. Finley is wearing a 2T and Meryl is wearing a 4T. Think Old Navy has some trouble with their sizing?

And this afternoon Logan has a playdate with a kid whose phone number he got at Lazerzone. He even talked on the phone with this kid and came off with a joke and "yeah, were going to play at lazerzone ." Oh. When? "I don't know." Also Logan has just started to read books to Avery, which is a very sweet thing to listen to.


Susan said...

I'd say that you've had a full week!

Ruth & Charlie said...

I love your pictures, the firsts and your comments....thanks