Friday, February 29, 2008

Note To Self

Just because other people have twins, doesn't mean we have anything in common.

I just hosted a twin mom get together and was thrilled to have two other moms coming who had twins 3 weeks older and 3 months younger than the girls. UGH! What a disaster. First we may all live in the same town but our financial situations couldn't have been more different. (well, they could have, but really now.....)

Secondly they had all the answers. "Oh no. You have to ignore them all day to get them to sleep at night. Don't pick them up ever and they'll sleep better." Um. Not gonna work for me.

You couldn't breastfeed because they both had trouble with milk protein? But they can eat that muffin full of milk, butter and yogurt, that I made for the adults, without any trouble?

And I made a mistake of giving my nanny the day off cause I thought I could handle this alone. Geesh!

But my girls can move about the room and steal your kids' toys at least. So take that!

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