Saturday, February 23, 2008

Progress on the STTN Front

So now that we are heading into March, we are finally at the tail end of the sickness we started at the end of January. The babies are very gooey and calls of "waterfall, waterfall" mean come running with a tissue. Meryl and Avery cough all night long. Avery's really good about it though. I keep offering her some thickened honey to suck on, but she knows better than to accept that foul honey.

Anyway, the nights have been pretty bad and even Finley had been getting up for the day at 4 am, which stinks if you don't get to bed until 11 and are up 14 times in between. Meryl was spending very little time in that lovely new cage/crib. So no one has been STTN (or sleeping through the night for those of you with older/no children!)

But I kept trying. Making sure I put the babies down while they were still a little awake. Or if they fell asleep on my back without me noticing, I wasn't very quiet about moving them. And last night I saw some progress!

Meryl woke and fell back to sleep alone last night during the night! She talked and sang to her self for about 90 minutes and at one point she became unhappy and I helped her get a pacifier. But she fell asleep! She then woke again but wasn't so happy. I brought her into the hot lava (the mattress on my floor where Meryl and I sleep) and she took about 90 more minutes to get back to sleep but I kept leaving to help Avery deal with the coughing and give Finley a pacifier and she just laid there and kept working at it. So YEAH!! Meryl and Avery are still sleeping since they were up so much, but I think this is the two steps ahead. Tonight will be one step back, but still. Progress is progress, however small.

I'm happy and off to get my tea.

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Tricia said...

Oh, you need sleep- more than an hour at a time! I hope it comes soon.

Thanks for dropping by.