Friday, February 22, 2008


Finley is the most forgiving person. She keeps amazing me with how easy going she is about things. I fed her food that was too hot the other day. (Another argument for child led weaning- a child who only feeds themselves won't have this problem.) She made the face that let me know and I quickly scooped it out of her mouth. But still..... I'd be so pissed and would holler my little head off. She just looked at me and opened her mouth to try again. I almost cried.

I think of all the times she has been done wrong. I'm zipping up her pj's and accidentally punch her in the chin. Avery picks her up and practically strangles her. Logan hugs and kisses her and then rushes away so quickly she gets knocked over. She seems to understand all of this as a weakness on our part and nothing to do with her. So she lets it go.

I want to take a page from her book.

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