Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And She is Off.......

Meryl has been crawling backwards for sometime now. Yesterday it all came together for her in the filthy waiting room at Logan's drumming and Avery's gymnastics place. She will move forward for manicured nails, jewelry (diamonds and white gold preferred) and hair bows. Her story hour at the library was a whole different ball game today. Not a little girl in the place was safe from her prying hands. And the moms need to keep a close eye on their jewels.

Now if I could just get the house safe for a crawler. This place is a serious disaster after the past week of snot and fevers. We had previously moved all legos to the basement playroom, but the older kids ae always using paper, little stickers, scissors to make more little paper, etc. The next year or so is going to be a whirlwind!

Couple of side notes- I did rejoin the local tri team for upcoming season. I've got a sprint tri in May. Then either an oly (1M swim/34 M bike/6M run) in August or maybe a trail mary in October. I'll see how I feel after Mother's Day. It is just a matter of time and if I can get some!
And we have a spot in the organic section of the community gardens again. It hurts everytime I pay $1.79 lb for butternut squash. Any fool (myself included) can grow squash and tomatillos, peppers and beans. Then we can turn the garden at home over to strawberries like I've been wanting. I'll order 50 plants to get us started. If all goes well we'll have a good crop in a few years. Our raspberries had a bumper crop last year so I'm feeling good about it.

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Ruth & Charlie said...

What a cute little crawler. Such a busy household....It makes me sleepy just reading all this. Thanks for the up date. Love ya all