Sunday, February 17, 2008

Camera Free Weekend

Cathy has taken the older kids to her parent's house for the weekend. (Chicken nuggets and lots of candy- yeehaw!) She took the camera since the cousins are also visiting. So I'm home with the girls trying to babyproof this place and make 900 sf of living space work for 6 bodies including two who like to eat every little speck off the floor, every scrap of paper, lego, k'nex, polly pocket shoe, etc.

Meryl has decided to make it a weekend of firsts. She is pulling up to standing now. But can't figure out how to clap and stand at the same time. She likes to clap when she is excited. (Well, really she is just flapping her arms and her hands bang into each other, but I call it clapping.) It is hysterical to watch. Off course each time she stands I start to clap just to see her little brain try to figure out how she can join in on the fun.

She is also crawling on hands and feet, instead of knees. More fun in the tub since her enormous behind in up the air and her face keeps going under water. She can't figure it out. And I'm just cracking up watching her.

They also played in the snow today. Finley was suspicious of the whole thing.

Off course I don't have a camera to document it, but I'm having fun just watching.

Finley is ticked off that she can't move and roars with frustration. She can't even get into sitting position on her own yet. I think she is also working on teeth (How many months can I use that as an excuse?). She will just hollar out and then go back to what she was doing.

Okay- back to work on our humble abode.

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