Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Potraits

We went to have the kids photo taken as a group. We thought we would do it when the babies were 6 months old but it took us another 6 months to get it together. Anyway, I finally get 4 matching outfits. Beautiful cream colored sundresses for the girls and a cream shirt for Logan. The big kids had their hair cut professionally, as opposed to me hacking at them with the buzzer. On the day of the photos I make sure everyone is well slept, well fed, etc and we head over. I change them into their clothes and they look so sweet and clean. They were horseplaying a bit in the waiting area, which was fine since we were the only ones there. But once the photographer came out, it was all down hill.
This is the look Avery gets when she is feeling defensive.
Now she is starting to get scared and angry.
Well, this photo is rather obvious.

We ended up with a lovely photo of Logan and the babies. Avery wouldn't sit for a single photo. Someday we'll look at the photos and remember when Avery was a difficult (shy?) 5 year old. But for now I'm still a little ticked off at doing all that prep work just to have her ruin it. Look for your photo of the other 3 in the mail!

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Uncle Larry said...

That's OK Heather,your candid shots are really the better story,like Finley multi tasking the drawer below.