Thursday, July 24, 2008

Very Busy

Life is very busy in our little neck of the woods.

We are debating signing on with a contractor for a second floor. Do it now and have it done by Christmas? Wait and see what Cathy's schedule (and subsequent paycheck) look likes when she is based in Chicago or JFK now that they have announced her base in Boston is closing? Will her job ever truly be stable? We have a contractor who we could work with, whose price can't be beat who is willing to tear off our (now leaking) roof as soon as permitting is complete. Such a hard decision to make. Do we really want a mortgage we'll still be paying when Logan is almost my age? After Cathy reaches the mandatory retirement age? If her industry doesn't totally collapse by then? Ugh.

Of course we are also busy with day to day stuff. Camp drop off and pick up takes a total of 3 hours daily. Bath/Bed time with 4 kids lasts from 5:30 until 9:30. I miss the fun stuff- reading books to the kids without interruption, working on projects while we talked, hanging out in the woods catching frogs and pretending I really was trying to catch a snake. The kids haven't been in our woods but two or three times this summer. The good news is that Avery likes her one week camp. Logan likes parts of his 3 week camp.

And the babies.

Don't leave them alone for a minute.

But they do enjoy each other for the most part.

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Uncle Larry said...

Glad to hear that summer camp is going well for all concerned. Maybe Cathy could become a pilot for like
one of B.Gates planes. That way there would be a bit more job security PLUS she could spend some time out here on
"The Rock" during winter. Just a thought. Hmmmmmmm ! U. Larry