Friday, July 11, 2008

The First Year is the Hardest!

I've heard it about twins over and over. I think I've been in a funk since they turned one because it isn't ever easy. It is hard. And constant. Not always in a bad way, but constantly constant. There is never a second off.

Tonight when I was nursing Finley I heard Meryl in the kitchen. It sounded like she had the glass bread pan and some silverware. But she was playing with one thing for too long. I go to check on her, much to Finley's dismay, and this is what I found.

She had the measuring cup I had used as an ice cream bowl and was working on getting the last few drips. (Yes, I was eating ice cream out of a 2 cup measuring cup. Wanna make something of it??)
And she used the drawer as a stool. (Note that the drawer is empty, since what I put in there is always being found on the floor anyway.)
Finley didn't take long to start begging. Smart kid.

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