Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early Birthday Present

With Avery's Butterfly party coming up (where we will be using dye to color 5' scarves to make play butterfly wings) I needed to place an order for silk scarves. Since Finley's attachment to scarves is pretty strong I thought I'd also order a few replacements for her and the largest scarf I could find for the older kids to dye for her birthday in June. That was a 54"X54" scarf.

She found it in my office and will not let it go! She spent about 30 minutes just flopping around on the floor with it and then asked to take a nap. She's been sleeping with it for almost 3 hours now. If it helps her sleep well she can keep it!


Gram & Gramps said...

Sure hope it works all night. Please let us know. Good luck

Uncle Larry said...

With regards to the previous 5 comments,maybe you can convince Logan to climb Volcan Iztaccihuatl ( Mt. Iztac for short) which is over 17,000 feet. That way he'll have to dress in more appropriate clothes.
Good luck !!