Friday, March 13, 2009


So both girls can now fall asleep on their own in their own cribs. I'd always thought that if a person could fall asleep without help (nursing, snuggling, etc) then they would be able to do it again during the night when they come to a light place in their sleep. So far that has not been true for us. They go in their cribs for nap and night time very happily and fall asleep in the dark (light at nap time) with some snuggly animals or books. They often talk or sing but it tends to be quite pleasant.

But they are still up a lot at night. We have "saw every hour nights" when I am woken at least once each hour. We have "saw every half-hour nights" when I am woken at least once during the first half of an hour and once during the second half. Last night was the latter. They want to nurse and be held. And they cry if I try to put them back in a crib. Meryl likes to get up at 4 am, which still feels like 3am to me. I'm at a loss. I'm past being over tired, which means I'm grumpy and make poor decisions. (Couldn't find the yogurt this morning. Looked everywhere in the fridge. Finally found it- frozen solid in the freezer........sigh...)

So, until we figure out the night time stuff, I'll keep reminding myself that some day they'll be teenagers and I'll be fighting to get them up in the mornings.

Restful nights and sweet dreams to everyone.

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