Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lazy Day

We had a very nice lazy day today, especially given the fact the kids were up several hours later than normal last night and everyone was up before 5 am this morning! Playground and grocery shopping in the morning. Hanging around in the early afternoon.

Playing on the trampoline quickly progressed to mud. (You do see the connection don't you?)

Notice Logan on the wrong side of the fence! He is standing on my potatoes who love all the water from the flooding. He was quite indignant that I dare grow food where he wants to stand. I love the mud play- the imagination, the fact all 4 kids are involved happily in one project, the sheer messiness. But I hate the clean up- rinsing all those clothes, getting everyone to the tub without mud on the walls and floors. I'm still debating over how often we should do. Every evening after dinner doesn't sit too well with me right now!
White-What all the well dressed 6 year olds wear to play in the mud!

1 comment:

Uncle Larry said...

Still beautiful children tho covered in mud Heather. We'll trade you some annoying sparrows for those Blue Jays (?) we hear in the background. But I don't think Logan will make it as a life guard. Love L & M