Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing Baby-Priceless

Avery has been on a "Playing Baby" kick of late. She heard about a two mom family where both women had twins at the same time. (Yikes!!) So Meryl is Cathy's child and she and Finley are twins. Together I am to call them the triplets. I find this very irritating as we have enough real whining and crying that I don't need her fake ones. But today the funniest thing happened.

We were outside (scratching at mosquitoes) when baby Avery whined "Ditch cream. Ditch cream." I told her a one year old was old enough to go inside and get the itch cream herself if she wants the itch to go away. Just then my not so favorite neighbor comes by. We are chatting as baby Avery comes out and whines "I got the bitch cream to make that bitch go away!"

The neighbor looks at me for just a beat too long before we finish our pleasantries.


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