Friday, May 1, 2009

We've been busy with very important things.

Like playing with shadows.

Being a big brother when the hills are too steep.

Investigating the sleeping brother as he sleeps on 11am of the sundial.

Seeing the sights from the ferry.

Making mazes.......

on which to train mealworms John and Bob.

Traveling on the space trolley.

Trying not to scratch the pox.
(That is oatmeal soak on her nose. Not goo!)

Teaching the cat to keep her claws in on the Space Trolley.

(I can't seem to rotate this video. Just turn your head and don't complain! Stop whining!)


Grammie said...
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Uncle Larry said...

Owwww- Now my neck hurts reeeeaall bad !! Do you have insurance ??