Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another One

Logan now has lyme too. 3 rings popped up last week and I took him in this week. It is very traumatic for him because he is allergic to the cheap antibiotic and our copay is $100 for the liquid abx. I can save $90 by getting the pills, so I did. This is the kid who can no longer eat blueberries (once a favorite) becaue the skin is too difficult to swallow. Only 40 pills left to take.

PS- regarding the post about leaving the kids in the woods. It was only the older kids who know the land like their own backyard. The babies wanted to go and were screaming "Me woods, me woods!" as I drove away. I had a couple friends call expressing concern about leaving an 8 year old in charge of two two year olds in unpredictable conditions with only a 6 year old to help. Nope. Just the older two.

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Uncle Larry said...

Whew Heather, you've got lots happening in a small amount of time.
Hope the antibiotics do the trick and that the Cape trip is still on.